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I am a writer, who is passionate about everything life:

Relationships of all kinds, social justice and feminism, parenthood and mental health.

I am an open-minded millennial woman, who loves to travel and counts herself proud to have a multicultural family (My daughter is half Irish and my partner is Brazilian. I know, this is probably worth a story).

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You also get an idea of who you are dealing with by reading my 2012 blog Girls in Green, which is about the curiosities of Irish life through the eyes of a German expat.

P.S. I’m Julia.


Introvert Issues:
I Wish I Could Quit Social Media,
But Due To My Work’s Nature I Have To Be “Always-On”

Published in Medium

Why Quitting Facebook After Nine Years Became A Pretty Big Deal

Published in Headstuff Topical

Everyday Sexism In Relationships:

Published in Athena Talks, Medium

Goodbye Ghosters! How To Boost Your Self-Esteem In Less Than An Hour

Published in Medium

Being Alessio: On Falling For People, Who Seem To Be Everything We Want To Be Ourselves

Published in P.S. I Love You, Medium

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