julia sammler writer

I am a writer, who is passionate about everything life:

Relationships of all kinds, social justice and feminism, parenthood and mental health.

I am an open-minded millennial woman, who loves to travel and counts herself proud to have a multicultural family (My daughter is half Irish and my partner is Brazilian. I know, this is probably worth a story).

P.S. I’m Julia.


Rassismus in der Geburtshilfe kann für Mutter und Kind gefährlich werden

Veröffentlicht in Edition F

Introvert Issues:
I Wish I Could Quit Social Media,
But Due To My Work’s Nature I Have To Be “Always-On”

Published in Medium

Why Quitting Facebook After Nine Years Became A Pretty Big Deal

Published in Headstuff Topical

Everyday Sexism In Relationships:

Published in Athena Talks, Medium

Goodbye Ghosters! How To Boost Your Self-Esteem In Less Than An Hour

Published in Medium

Being Alessio: On Falling For People, Who Seem To Be Everything We Want To Be Ourselves

Published in P.S. I Love You, Medium

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